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uranium-ore.jpgThe drive for investment in energy sources that improve supply security and diversity while reducing carbon emissions per unit energy used favoursa resurgence in the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power is widely acknowledged as part of how the growing worldwide demand for energy can be met without adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere or competing with the petrochemical industry for feedstock, while also preparing for a future with declining and more expensive supplied of hydrocarbons.

Nuclear power is estimated to represent some 13%currently of global electricity output. From 2010’s level of 2756 TWh, the amount of nuclear generatedelectricity is  expected to post an increase of nearly 60% to nearly 4370 TWh in 2035 (source: International Energy Agency). Currently, there is a major disparity of at least 50 million pounds of uranium between annual worldproduction and estimated reactor requirements. Securing and developing acreage prospective for uraniferous minerals therefore becomes key to realising significant discoveries which in turn could help to fill the existing shortfall and meet new demand.

Avana Uranium is a company primarily focused on the acquisition and development of high quality Uranium assets within Madagascar. The Company is well positioned to take advantage of growing demand for Uranium and recognises the potential for establishing globally significant Uranium resources amongst the many opportunities in under-explored Madagascar, the fourth largest island on the planet and an historic producer of Uranium prior to independence from France. The Company is also seeking other attractive opportunities in key uranium provinces elsewhere in Africa.

Avana benefits from its strong cultural connection to the region, where key team members have been active since the early 1990s and earlier and have an excellent track record in developing projects in a number of other high-yielding investment areas. Avana has developed a profound regional technical understanding as well as excellent relations with the regional business community and at all levels of government.

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